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Buying art online is a sure and easy way of enriching your living environment and your life at the same time. Every new piece that you add to your walls is a catalyst of excitement and delight. The pleasure of investing in artworks grows even larger when you purchase them directly from the artist.

Whether you are a seasoned art buyer or a neophyte eager to start their artwork collection, buying original art online straight from the artist comes with benefits like:

  1. Have Direct Communication with the Artist
  2. Better Quality Products
  3. Paying a Smaller Price Than What Art Galleries Practice
  4. Easier to Order a Specific Piece for Your Home or Your Office
  5. Learn More About the Artists and Their Work Before Buying
  6. Support Up-And-Coming Artists
  7. Enrich Your Living Environment
  8. Easier Direct Online Payments
  9. Safe Negotiations and Return Policies
  10. Form a Long-Term Connection With the Artist
  1. Have Direct Communication with the Artist

One of the biggest advantages of buying artwork online straight from the artist is the absence of intermediaries. You have a direct communication line with the person who created the next masterpiece that you will hang on your living room wall.

Nowadays, artists no longer have to rely on art galleries or agents to advertise their works. Instead, they have websites and social media accounts that do the same promotional job but at a lower cost. This way, it is easier to get in touch with the creative mind behind the artwork.

Paints for an artist
  1. Better Quality Products

When you pay artists directly for their work, you are guaranteed to receive top-quality products for your cash. This happens every time whether you are ordering a bespoke piece or an artwork item that is already in the artist’s catalog.

Your direct interaction with the artist ensures a fair purchase and a good price-quality ratio. The artists have the utmost interest in selling their best products for the correct cost. In exchange, they receive more than money. They gain popularity, prestige and enhanced visibility on the market.

  1. Pay a Smaller Price Than What Art Galleries Practice

Paying for artwork online and working directly with the artist is cheaper than purchasing art from a gallery. Artists do not add commission fees or additional costs. You pay exactly what that piece of art costs.

  1. Easier to Order a Specific Piece for Your Home or Your Office

If you like an artist’s style, but you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for in his catalog, you can usually order a specific piece. This kind of artist-buyer accord is possible when you purchase artwork directly from the source.

You can easily turn your office into a more professional setting with a piece of art that you specifically ordered. Also, you can infuse a room in your home with the exact vibe that you desire when you get to describe it directly to the artist.

I personally can create a fractal for you in a specific style or color palette. Additionally, I can change colors or sizes on already created pieces. Even the medium the piece is on is fair game. Just get in touch with me and ask.

Fluid - limited edition art - by Stan Ragets
  1. Learn More About the Artists and Their Work Before Buying

Art galleries tend to offer similar descriptions about the artists that they represent. Most of the time, it is difficult to differentiate between their backgrounds or their sources of inspiration.

When you purchase artwork online, you get to talk directly with the artist. You can find out more about their past work. They can tell you all about their careers and their evolution.

Additionally, you can discover the true motivation behind the piece of art that you wish to purchase. So, you will have an interesting story to impress your guests with the next time they visit.

  1. Support Up-And-Coming Artists

Buying art directly from the artist who made it is a great way of perpetuating an age-old relationship of support, trust, and friendship between artisans and art lovers.

Your purchase can help an up-and-coming artist gain more confidence in his or her skills. Your investment, as small as it may be, can boost their courage and inspire them to create more.

Sometimes, paying for artwork online means helping a struggling artist. It means reinstating hope in a creative artisan who may have lost it in the absence of appreciation and customer trust.

  1. Enrich Your Living Environment

Whether you are renovating your home or you are just looking to refresh the stale mood in a room, buying artwork is always an excellent solution.

Browsing through an artist’s catalog can help you find “that one” artwork that can tie the room together. You might find a piece of art that will not only have your guests talking, but it will also enrich your life and brighten the atmosphere in your home.

  1. Easier Direct Online Payments

Nowadays, you can purchase almost anything you want online. Buying art is just one of the many purchases that you can make easily and safely.

From quick transactions to speedy deliveries, internet art purchases have plenty of advantages for both buyers and sellers. Many artists even offer a wide range of safe payment alternatives that include PayPal, bank transfers and even the option to pay for art with cryptocurrency.

  1. Safe Negotiations and Return Policies

When you buy artwork directly from the artist, you have the occasional advantage of negotiating the cost of your investment. If you are a long-time buyer or you have a deep understanding of the artist, you can safely better terms for the deal, which would benefit both of you.

Furthermore, you can easily discuss shipment details and even a return policy that does not damage any of the parts involved in the transaction.

  1. Form a Long-Term Connection With the Artist

Last, but not least, buying artwork online straight from the artist is a sure way of immersing yourself into the art world. Instead of having a short and cold relationship with an art gallery, you get to develop a deep connection with a creative artisan.

Purchasing art should be more than a random online acquisition. It should be an emotional investment that you make not only in the artwork that you will hang on your wall but into a long-term human bond that you build with an artist.