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I am pleased to announce that the installation of my artwork at PONGS located in Germany has been completed. The piece “Quiet” has been installed on the foyer ceiling of PONGS office building and is backlit. Please click the image below to see the artwork in more detail.

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What is Rendering? – Stan Ragets Fine Art · August 9, 2018 at 10:01 am

[…] The length of time to render a fractal depends on the size of the image, the quality of the render, the formulas used and the difficulty of the calculation and the hardware used to render. A simple fractal image can be rendered in seconds. Higher quality fractals may take much longer. The longest render I’ve personally done was on an 8 core system with 32 GB of ram that lasted well over 1 month of continuous render time. This fractal is now on display at PONGS in Germany. […]

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