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The Artwork

Fractal art is artwork that is made by math. To learn more about the process, click here.
Yes, all artwork is signed by the artist.
Absolutely! I’ve worked very hard to ensure that all the processes to produce the artwork of done in the best way possible. Starting with high resolution renders of the fractals all the way to final construction of the canvas stretchers and frames. Each piece is inspected before shipment to ensure that only the highest quality artwork is being delivered to you. Be assured that the printing process I use is of museum quality and designed to last 100’s of years.

Types of Artwork for Purchase

When you purchase an original piece of artwork from Stan the piece you are buying is yours and yours alone. You will be the only one who owns the piece. It will not be reproduced and you will own the one and only piece. You will receive a certificate of authenticity that verifies and validates this.
With Limited Edition prints, only a certain amount of prints will ever be made. If a piece is a limited edition of 20, then only 20 prints will ever be made of that particular piece.
Open edition prints have no limit. They can be printed at many different sizes for an undertermined time and amount.

Certificate of Authenticity

COA stands for Certificate of Authenticity. A legitimate certificate of authenticity should describe the artwork completely as well as the type of artwork it is (original, limited edition print, etc). The COA should also be signed by the artist. This document allows you to prove the artwork is original and gives you pertinent information about the individual piece.
If you purchase a Limited Edition or One of a Kind piece you will receive a COA. I do not provide these for open edition prints. Your COA will document the artwork and be signed by me. You will receive an original document that must match up with my own master-copy document that I keep and sign as well when sending. Most of the time, your artwork and COA will arrive seperately.


Currently I accept Paypal as well as Bitcoin and will give consideration to AltCoins.