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Last December, Pantone revealed “Classic Blue” as the Color of the Year for 2020. It is a choice that blends nostalgia with optimism, and a confident start to a promising, new decade.

This year’s pick is good news for those who are looking to redesign their living environment. Classic Blue is a soothing hue that combines easily with other colors. It is easy to blend into most chromatic schemes to enhance the pleasant ambiance of any room.

Today, I want to talk about the inspirational power of Classic Blue and how easy it is to incorporate it into your life in the form of modern artwork.

Classic Blue – A Reassuring Sentiment

Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue instills calm and confidence in a time when these qualities are more important than ever, according to the professionals who chose it.

“It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next,” said Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, which selects the Color of the Year. “What’s the future going to bring as we move into the evening hours?”

Classic Blue is the shade of blue that we see at dusk. It is the last glimmer of light left behind by the day that has just become history. It is a poetic depiction of an entire decade that has ended, and similar to the day’s dying light, it calls us to draw upon our experience throughout it.

This soothing nuance of optimism seems to tell us that everything’s not lost. It appears to say that even if a dark night is about to begin, another sunny day awaits us at its end.

Pantone’s Nostalgic Reference to the Past

Ever since 1999, when the Pantone Matching System started picking the Color of the Year, the color experts have proven a knack for symbolic selection. Their picks are not simply drawn out of a hat.

Instead, the Pantone Institute thoroughly analyzes industry trends and lifestyle choices. They also take into account the effect that world events have on everyday life. Laurie Pressman explains their choice as “typically, trends that we see in color are reflecting big macro trends that are taking place in culture.”

Ultimately, Classic Blue is a choice that brings us full circle to 1999’s pick from Pantone, which was an anxiety-laden shade of Blue. That year’s pick of Cerulean Blue emphasized humanity’s uneasiness while crossing the border into a new millennium. It spelled uncertainty, mistrust, quiet hope and melancholia.

This year doesn’t have the same daunting imminence that the Y2K scare infused two decades ago. Still, it delivers a powerful dose of the paradoxical combination of fear and optimism that the unknown generally injects.

How to Incorporate Classic Blue into Your Life

Classic Blue is a much-awaited change from last year’s choice, the Living Coral. Interior designers rejoice at Pantone’s pick of a refreshing hue that goes just as well for business offices as it does for cozy, intimate bedrooms.

They are not alone in this jubilation. As an artist, I have been eagerly waiting for an inspiring challenge from Pantone. This year’s choice has motivated me to create contemporary art pieces that would not only please the eye but which would align with the modern tendencies in the art industry.

My catalog features several listings inspired by this year’s color designation from Pantone. You can add a touch of Classic Blue to your living quarters without overhauling the entire space. You do not need to repaint the walls. Instead, you can include this trendy color in the form of an eye-catching piece of art.

Classic Blue in Interior Design in 2020

In terms of design, Classic Blue is a summarizing depiction of the trends that fashion, art, and furnishing spurred over the past ten years. It emphasizes a decade-long tendency to incorporate as many cold tones of blue, green and grey in the colors that we choose to wear or the coats in which we paint the walls of our homes.

In 2020, we should see Classic Blue as a recurring theme in renovation works and art-embellishing projects. Whether you opt for a decorative piece or a wall-mounted painting, you can easily modernize your room with this year’s expert choice of color from Pantone.

Blue is a universal color available to designers and artists worldwide. Pantone’s pick goes in line with the present-day tendency to blend classic design genres with lavish, futuristic styles. This Classic hue resonates with viewers everywhere and it sends eye-soothing signals whether it reminds them about medieval velvet tapestry, fresh blueberries or the cold, immovable blue of space-age lighting.

Classic Blue Complimentary Colors

If you are sketching your next DIY renovation project, you should include the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 in any form you can. Classic Blue signals both the ending of an era and the dawn of a brave, new world. Its seasonless trait allows you to combine it easily with other colors, such as:

  • Burnt Orange
  • Terracotta Clay
  • Peacock Blue
  • Pure White
  • Hunter Green
  • Millennial Pink

Each of these colors has the power to accentuate the soothing effect of Classic Blue and enhance the feeling of calm and comfort in your room. Their function is to act as a warm envelope for this year’s hue. They boast a spotlight ability to give Classic Blue the center stage while maintaining their strong support roles.

My catalog features several artwork examples of the eye-pleasing effect provided by combining Classic Blue with these beautiful complimentary colors.

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Why You Need Classic Blue Art

Investing in Classic Blue art for your home or your workplace is more than a bid to keep up with the ever-changing trends in art and design. It is a safe and easy way of emotionally improving the mood in your living environment.

When you add Classic Blue artwork to your office, you generate two effects. Firstly, you increase the professional vibe that you give to your work associates. This handsome hue is a contemporary emblem of power, heritage, and solemnity. It invites its viewers to calm consideration, wise counsel and constructive dialogue.

Classic Blue has a similar atmosphere-boosting effect on your home decor. Its deep blue sea shade exudes calm, tranquility and even a bit of soul-enriching nostalgia. It is the ideal color for a room in which you choose to rest, meditate or create.

Browse my collection of Classic Blue art to find the next addition for your office or your home. Use this dusk-like color as a slight reminder of the decade that has just gone by and as an exciting outlook for the one that has just started.