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I use only the best materials for my artwork. The most popular mounting method for my fractal art is by far the Canvas Gallery Wrap, which you can read about below. On this page you can learn more about the mounting options used for my artwork as well as see samples of the different setups. Please contact me if you would like a custom piece of artwork mounted with any of the options below.

No glass – no glare!

The mounting options available from Stan Ragets Fine Art do not feature glass cover. The canvas has a matte (non-reflecting) surface. Without reflections and glare the images have a wonderful presence, like looking out an open window. Why not use non-reflective glass? It is expensive and hard to ship. It also desaturates color, lightens blacks and blurs the image. The protective coating takes the place of glass by absorbing UV light and by resisting abrasion. A coating is applied to give that extra “pop”¬†with brighter colors and deeper blacks, but with less glare than glass. All materials used are 100% acid free and of the highest quality.

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Russian Winter – Original Piece on Canvas

The image wraps around the sides of the box. This has the same look as an oil painting on canvas stretched on a wood frame. All materials are archival quality. Humidity will not affect the artwork, nor will it cause it to warp.


Are you looking for something completely different? Consider having your artwork of choice on metal. My artwork can be printed directly onto a variety of metals. The most commonly used metal is aluminum.

Original fractal Lotus on Metal

Art on metal lends to a very unique look. It is extremely durable and resistant to moisture and water, making metal an excellent choice for hanging artwork in bathrooms or outdoors or anywhere you want to create a striking scene.


Original piece “Alien Base” on 360 Acrylic

Placing my fractals on acrylic has been tricky in the past. Now those troubles are gone. Acrylic as a mounting media for artwork is amazing and gives a very modern look to pieces. It also keeps a room feeling very open. The light reflective quality of acrylic also does wonders for creating a brighter atmosphere in a room.

With the acrylic pieces, you have two different mounting options. One allows for a floating off the wall effect, the other gives a very modern and sleek gallery-like appearance.

For any of these ideas and more, please contact me using the contact information/link at the top of the page.