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“They are the best pieces in the gallery! Wonderful and wonderful prices!!!”

“Thank you so much Stan. You WILL go far. You are amazing!! I just received my first piece of your work. I am looking forward to getting more.I’ll have a STAN wall in my house.” — Ticha H. AR, USA

“WOW your work is AMAZING! I honestly have never heard of what u do. It’s INCREDIBLE! You are very TALENTED!” — Kristin D. OH

“WOW how fresh and inspirational!!! Love your work” — Steve K. UK

“I must say that i am most impressed. …your works simply take my breath away…” — Rachelle G.

“WOW! Your work is phenomenal!” — Jackie G. INPROCESS Art, OH

“We are really impressed by your artwork. In our opinion your artwork is unique, lyrical and eye-catching.” — Beata Z. Krakow, Poland

“You’re definitely one of the most original and creative (i.e. thinking outside of the million identical boxes) fractal artists. A lot of fractal artists put a lot of work into making their pieces as pretty as possible, which can be awesome. While your work is really stunning aesthetically, the thing that really draws me to your work is that you make the viewer use their mind.” — Anonymous

“Amazing! Your art is spectacular. Quick ship.” — Jackie M. Centerburg, OH