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Stan Ragets Fine Art The Whale The Whale is a fractal challenge I set for myself to push me way beyond my comfort zone.

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The Whale

The Whale
The Whale

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The Whale

The Whale is a fractal challenge I set for myself to push me way beyond my comfort zone.
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The Whale gets its name not only from the ultimate shape and form this piece took, but also by the immense size of the challenge this piece was to create. I wanted to really challenge myself and create something completely different, something that I don't normally venture towards, and something that other fractal artists shy away from. Hence, my challenge became a light fractal on a white background.

Most fractals have a black or otherwise dark background. Fractals with a white background are much harder to make because any small mistake is magnified and then replicated throughout the entire piece for everyone to see thousands of times. Black backgrounds can hide the little whisps, not-so-right spirals, or any ghosting portions that the artist just doesn't want to see.

This journey was fraught with difficulties ranging from constant ghosting of portions of the fractal to distortions galore as I added and manipulated transforms. After some time though, I found my groove and was able to create the flowing "whale" shape. The lighting and strong lines were a delight to achieve. In the end, the hard work and many hours that went into this piece, both in thought and design, were well worth the lovely result.

Size: 40"W x 20"H

Medium: Premium Acrylic

Signed, ready to hang.


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