What is Rendering?

What does it mean to render a fractal?

One of the last steps in creating a fractal is to render the fractal. This step is extremely important. Why does a fractal need to be rendered? What does rendering do? Is the process quick? …Learn more about the rendering process.

Special Recognition Award for Acid Rain

My piece Acid Rain has received a Special Recognition Award from the LightSpaceTime gallery. I entered it in “The Elements” competition for October/November. They received 473 entries from 12 different countries from around the world, including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Croatia. In Read more…

Featured on Sour Pizza

My art has been featured on the art website SourPizza. You can see the feature here: http://sourpizza.com/07/fractal-art-by-stan-ragets/ (link has since gone inactive…sorry) SourPizza has also requested an interview with me. The interview should be up on the website within the next few weeks.